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Reserve your spot in line to receive one of the first body, frame and glass packages that you can use to build your own road and track going performance vehicle. There will only be production capacity for a few vehicles per year so if you have interest put your contact details in below and you can always cancel any time.

The production kit is currently under development and the final details on price, weight and estimated hours to assemble will be published soon. If you have any interest or questions about this vehicle is right for you please reach out. Your feedback is valuable and allows the design to be modified to your needs.

Build schedule:

Build Jan-June 2023 July-Dec 2023 Jan-June 2024 July-Dec 2024
Build #1 Taken
Build #2 Available
Build #3 Available
Build #4 Available


Chassis DOM Steel - Six part space frame with aluminum panels $12,049 CAD
Chassis Material Upgrade to 4130 Chromoly. 100 Lbs weight savings estimate. $18,049 CAD
Anti Sway Bar System $2,000 CAD
Roller - Control arms, tie rods, steering rack, dummy wheels. $4,000 CAD
Body Panels - Fiberglass and ABS $14,000 CAD
Windshield - front DOT glass, fiberglass frame and lexan rear. $5,500 CAD
Electrical System - dash, controls, wiring, sensors, lights, horn, wipers, heater, and more. $5,900 CAD



1 - Body design made from composites and ABS materials.
2 - Chassis design and materials.
3 - Trim level quality and price range for components.
4 - [ G ] Combustion Engine, [ B ] Battery Electric.
5 - Application description: [ Touring ], [ Race ], [ Hill Climb ], [ Custom ].

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