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Build Process

Find a local inspector for structural and mechanical review

Depending on your region, different steps will apply to how you get your project vehicle registered and on the road. Contact Arma by email for individual support. In British Columbia the process starts by finding inspectors and presenting the plans for the project before beginning and then documenting progress and collecting receipts before bringing the vehicle for review.

Order the Arma kit

Contact us with your personal information to secure a kit to be built in an upcoming time slot. The kit deliverables will presented by pictures and video before shipping for confirmation before delivery. A deposit of 30% will be required before fabrication begins. Returns will be accepted up to thirty days after receipt provided no modifications have been made. Shipping charges will vary.

Secure a workspace or a contracted shop where the kit and additional parts can be assembled

The complete car will require additional parts to be purchased and possibly modified for installation. These parts and their assembly will require space of at least six hundred square feet.

Chose and purchase the additional parts needed based on your needs and taste

Browse parts needed to complete Arma vehicles. Browse Parts Database. Review the list of parts when planning your vehicle build for different budgets and applications.

Build your project vehicle

The build process can vary in scope from a basic functional vehicle to more extensive body and paint work along with interior finishing and additional component fabrication. Arma can be available for comment and suggestion as needed durring the production times above.

Inspection and Insurance

Before driving your vehicle will require inspection and insurance. The process for this depends on your area and Arma can provide guidance on an individual basis.

Purchase Details

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