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About Arma Automotive

Arma is working to build custom performance touring and track cars that anyone can buy as a kit which will provide the base to add an engine, seates, wheels and other components to complete the vehicle and use on the road. Started in 2012 as a part time project in a rented garage now expanding and quickly approaching completion of a prototype and production.

We are fortunate to have three passionate engineers and mechanics helping to build the best product we can in order to share it with enthusiasts. Arma is a flexible workplace that values creativity in problem solving, appreciation of quality instead of rushing in the pursuit of building something worth having.

If interested please send a resume, details of relevant past work experience and any questions to myself at:
Contact: Jon
Phone: 250 686 4070

Location: 159 Langford St. Victoria, B.C. Canada.

Performance Vehicles for Touring and Track.
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