Accurate CNC Tube Notching

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CNC Plasma Tube Notching Service

Tube notching service is available for steel and aluminum tubing with a diameter between 2.54 cm (1") and 5.08 cm (2") up to a length 365cm (12 feet) long with a wall thickness of up to 0.12".

Ideal for:

We can work with drawings or CAD files to fabricate tube cuts that fit your project.

Our software accuratelly generates coping paterns to fit intersecting tube of varying diameters and angles.

Coping joints between angled intersections is performed on the outer circumfrance of the acute side and the inner circumfrance of the obtuse side for precise fitment.

We can cut parts with tabs and slots to ensure more precise fitment which can reduce the amount of jig structure when welding.

The computer controlled operation makes multiple parts repeatable, accurate, low cost and allows for complex cut patterns.

Pricing is billed at $115 per hour in addition to the cost of materials consumed. We can cut your own material of take delivery if desired.

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